Everyone is Welcome!

No volunteering, no commitment

Our Parent Resource Group meetings are friendly casual and safe, a place for parents to meet other CEC families and share stories.

Any questions brought up are placed as an agenda item for our SAC (School Accountability Committee) meetings with CEC leadership.
Research shows that when parents are involved in their children’s education, they benefit emotionally, socially, and academically.

El nuestro es un grupo comunitario: no te pedimos que te voluntarices ni que te comprometas a asistir regularmente. Únete a nosotros para compartir comentarios y preocupaciones, o simplemente para hacer preguntas.




     2021-2022 Upcoming Events

Parent Group in Spanish: Tuesdays, 7 pm Zoom: 8/23, 10/11, 1/24, 3/21

Parent Group in English: Thursdays, CEC HS: 8/25 at 8 am,10/27 at 5 pm,  1/26 at 8 am, 3/30 at 3 pm

SAC Meetings: Wednesdays 8 am CEC HS: 9/7, 11/9, 2/15, 4/19

Coffee with CEC: Tuesdays at CEC HS: 10/4 at 8 am, 3/7 at 5 pm

Cafe' con CEC combined with Parent Group in Spanish: Tuesdays 7 pm Zoom: 10/11, 3/21